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This is a 3 piece Cushion Set which includes a Loveseat / Settee Cushion and 2 Chair / Rocker Cushions.

These are 4" thick tufted cushions made with either durable all weather outdoor or indoor materials and 100% pure spun polyester fill. It is made with rounded back corners and sewn in circles for tufting. Our selection of over 400 Outdoor Fabrics will withstand the elements of the outdoors or can be used indoors as well and wash easily with soap and water as well as dry quickly. We also offer a selection of over 100 beautiful Indoor Fabrics which can be used for indoor or covered porch furniture cushions.


The Dimensions are:

Loveseat / Settee Cushion:
43" W x 19" D

(2) Chair / Rocker Cushions: 19" W x 19" D



We have over 400 Outdoor Fabric Patterns to choose from!



We also have over 100 Indoor Fabric Patterns to choose from!



Take note of the fabric number or name you want and choose it in the selection box below.

We custom manufacture all cushions and pillows in our factory in the specific size, shape and fabric you choose.
Please verify your cushion sizes and we strongly recommend that you request fabric samples from us as fabric colors can appear quite differently on different computer screens. Since they are custom made to your specific requirements, they are not returnable.



Please contact us if you need cushions that are of a different shape or size then the ones shown on our cushions page. We can manufacture cushions in sizes and shapes to fit your needs. We will be glad to give you a quote.

What our customers say...

I have been using the same cushions and pillows for my sun room wicker set for 8 years and have tired of the colors and patterns. There was absolutely nothing locally that carried what I had in mind. What did we do before the internet? I ran across All About Wicker, and although I checked other sites, I kept coming back to AAW. The range of fabrics was tremendous, and Leslie was a huge help in providing information, looking for solids to go with the pattern I selected, and in getting my order placed. I was totally suprised that the order came in only a week! My sun room now has a totally different look, complete with new valances and tabletop decor. It is absolutely AWESOME! I will be hosting my niece\'s wedding shower in a few weeks and can\'t wait to show it off! This company is HIGHLY recommended! Thanks so much, AAW and Leslie! Dee in North Carolina

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The service, delivery time and most importantly, the quality of my new wicker cushions is second to none! Searching for replacement cushions for my wicker set was painstaking until I located All About Wicker on the internet. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this purchase. THANK YOU VERY MUCH - Shelley, Kaukauna WI

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This is my third order from AAW. I am so pleased with every product we've received. My oldest cushion set is about three years old and is still plush and the fabric hasn't faded at all. The quality of the material in both the indoor and outdoor cushions is very high quality and the pattern choices make it hard to decide. My orders have always been delivered as promised, if not sooner, and Leslie has always been available for any questions. I will continue to recommend AAW to family and friends.

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Great company to deal with. Very helpful and pleasant. The cushions came in and were beautiful, plush and worth the money. Would not hesitate to recommend this company. A great find!

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